Todd Cioffi

Todd is the Director of RapidMiner University for RapidMiner, a Massachusetts-based firm that delivers one of the most widely known and used predictive analytics platforms. As a strong advocate for training and certification, he combines his experience in technology and education to impart real-world use cases to students and users of analytics solutions across multiple industries.

For more than 20 years, Todd has been highly respected as both a technologist and a trainer. As a tech, he has seen that world from many perspectives: "data guy" and developer to architect, analyst and consultant. As a trainer, he has designed and covered subject matter from operating systems to end-user applications with an emphasis on data and programming. He is a regular contributor to the community of analytics and technology user groups in the Boston area, writes and teaches on many topics, and looks forward to the next time he can strap on a dive mask and get wet.

Todd will be teaching the following classes:
Predictive Analytics: Turning Big Data into Smart Data