Sergii Shelpuk
Sergii Shelpuk

Sergii is a Director of Data Science at SoftServe, a leading global outsourced product and application development company. He initiated and staffed the SoftServe Data Science Group and manages it today in order to develop state of the art data science models for different business domains.

Having graduated from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and Yaroslav Mudryi National law academy of Ukraine, Sergii started his career in the jurisprudence and telecommunications industry, which helped him gain a strong background in technology and business domains. Today, he owns data science, big data, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence direction of SoftServe services, while at the same time continuing his education in London School of Economics and Political Science and in Stanford University.

Sergii holds certifications from Cisco Systems and Object Management Group.

Sergii will be teaching the following classes:
Hardcore Data Science Explained