Soam Acharya
Soam Acharya

Soam is Head of Application Architecture at Altiscale, a company building the world's best hadoop clusters. Previously, he was Chief Scientist and Architect of the Video Platform group at Limelight Networks and Delve (acquired by Limelight) where he was responsible for video analytics, Hadoop, semantic video search, hybrid AWS cloud architectures as well as operations and infrastructure projects.

In the past, Soam worked on Web and enterprise search at Inktomi where he was a member of the GigaDoc project which built one of the world's earliest billion-document Web search index. Following Inktomi, he was at LookSmart where he was involved with web search relevance as well as originating LookSmart's contextual advertising. Finally, at Yahoo Search Marketing, Soam served as technical lead for key initiatives to significantly boost revenue from Yahoo's sponsored search platform.

Soam will be teaching the following classes:
De-Bugging Hive with Hadoop in the Cloud

Twitter : @Soamwork