Elliot Cordo
Elliot Cordo

Elliott is the chief architect at Caserta Concepts, a New York-based consulting and technology services firm. He is a big data, data warehouse, and information management expert with a passion for helping transform data into powerful information.

Elliott has more than a decade of experience in implementing big data and data warehouse solutions with hands-on experience in every component of the data warehouse software development lifecycle. Elliott’s role with Caserta Concepts is to oversee large-scale major technology projects, including those involving business intelligence, data analytics, big data and data warehousing.

Elliott has many successful Big Data projects under his belt, ranging from Big Data warehousing, Machine Learning, and his personal favorite being recommendation engines.

Elliott’s passion is helping people understand the true potential in their data by working hand in hand with clients and partners to learn and develop cutting-edge platforms to truly enable their organizations.

Elliot will be teaching the following classes:
Building a Big Data Recommendation Engine on Hadoop