Shrikanth Shankar
Shrikanth Shankar

Shrikanth is the Head of Engineering at Qubole. Previously, Shrikanth worked at Oracle for over a decade, rising to become Director of Development in the BI team. Shrikanth was one of the leaders of the Oracle Exalytics effort and helped drive the product from conception to release. Prior to that, Shrikanth was on Oracle’s database team in the SQL/DSS group, where he made significant contributions to many different portions of the Oracle stack, ranging from partitioning, SQL optimization, and SQL/parallel execution all the way to indexing and data layers.

While leading the technical team at Qubole, Shrikanth has spoken at major international Big Data industry events, including Strata, NoSQLNow, StampedeCon, JAX Big Data Con, DataWeek, and various Hadoop User Group meetings, as well as contributed to the webinar series Big Data Secrets of the Pros.

Shrikanth will be teaching the following classes:
Analyzing Big Data with Hive

Twitter : @ShrikanthSS