Distributed Search and Real Time Analytics, Parts I & II Has code image
Jason Rutherglen
In this hands-on, two-part class, you will learn the importance of distributed search from the instructors' industry experience and knowledge of real-world use cases. We’ll introduce different architectures that incorporate distributed search techniques, and share pain points experienced and lessons learned. Building on that, we’ll depict the landscape of distributed search tools and their future directions.

For the hands-on part, you will learn how to install and use Apache Solr for real-time Big Data analytics, search, and reporting on popular NoSQL databases. You’ll also learn some tricks of the trade and how to handle known issues.

We will spend around 30 minutes providing some background and use-case information on distributed search. We'll then go through finer technical details with exercises every 10 minutes or so. We will go through the code on stage, but you can follow along with the EC2 instances that will be set up.

Prerequisites: You should be familiar with Java and Unix shell commands. Some prior familiarity with SQL and Big Data solutions like Hadoop/Hbase/Cassandra/Solr would be helpful but not required.

Level : Intermediate