Visualizing Big Data in the Browser Has code image
Simon Metson
Whether for exploratory investigation or final presentation, visualization and data go hand in hand. We posit that visualization is in fact the vehicle by which data scientists, analysts and developers identify and disseminate the true value in data. Is visualization technology keeping pace with recent explosive innovations in data management, storage and processing? In a word: yes.

In this class, you will learn how to create custom, agile, flyweight in-browser applications for data analysis and visualization. We will leverage modern browser tools such as D3, Cubism and Crossfilter to do client-side data processing and visualization in concert with server-side distributed MapReduce processing in a scalable document database.  You will create a powerful, two-tier application that is served directly to the browser from a distributed database, allowing you to deploy on cloud hosting providers with no server install required.

Requirements: The class will be a mix of lecture and demonstration. Come prepared with a laptop, Wi-Fi and a modern Web browser (Safari, Chrome or Firefox) and you too will make data beautiful.

Level : Advanced