Extending Your Data Infrastructure with Hadoop Has code image
Jonathan Seidman
Hadoop provides significant value when integrated with an existing data infrastructure, but even among Hadoop experts there's still confusion about options for data integration and business intelligence with Hadoop. This class will help clear up the confusion.

You will learn:
    •    How can I use Hadoop to complement and extend my data infrastructure?
    •    How can Hadoop complement my data warehouse?
    •    What are the capabilities and limitations of available tools?
    •    How do I get data into and out of Hadoop?
    •    How can I use my existing data integration and business intelligence tools with Hadoop?
    •    How can I use Hadoop to make my ETL processing more scalable and agile?

We'll illustrate this with an end-to-end example data flow using open-source and commercial tools, showing how data can be imported and exported with Hadoop, ETL processing in Hadoop, and reporting and visualization of data in Hadoop. You will also learn recent advancements that make Hadoop an even more powerful platform for data processing and analysis.

Level : Intermediate