Building Successful Data Science Teams
Dan Mallinger
Come to this class and join a lively conversation on Big Analytics. We’ll discuss current trends in the field, including the new role of Data Science beyond analytics, and how companies are embracing new technologies and approaches.

We will frame the discussion with a client use case, covering objectives, approach and challenges encountered. Through this lens, we’ll explore how organizations and individuals can transitioning skills into the Big Data space from more traditional roles, hiring strategies and team structures. Finally, we will discuss the patterns that define a mature Data Science team and how firms will grow to assess and evaluate these teams.

While our conversation will be technology-agnostic, we will focus particular attention to data science within the Hadoop ecosystem.

What you'll learn:
    •    Best practices in Data Science projects
    •    Common technologies and tools
    •    Training and hiring strategies
    •    Best team structures
    •    The current state of the field
    •    KPIs that define a mature Data Science practice

Level : Overview