Hands-on NoSQL for the DBA Has code image
Lynn Langit
In this tutorial you will learn the what, why, how, when and where around non-relational (NoSQL) database technologies. Here you will understand the different types of NoSQL data-storage options that are in popular use now. These include graph databases such as Neo4j and Freebase, key-value stores like DynamoDB and Cassandra, document data stores such as MongoDB, and column data stores like Hadoop. You will learn about and work with both locally hosted versions of these data stores and cloud-based versions. Importantly, you'll understand which types of data stores will best suit your business and technical requirements. The tutorials’s objectives include:
  • Understanding the capabilities (and limitations) of NoSQL databases

  • Seeing an example of each type of NoSQL database

  • Understanding basic query technologies for NoSQL data stores by working with Hadoop (working with MapReduce, Pig and Hive)

  • Getting hands-on experience installing, querying and performing basic administration with MongoDB

Prerequisite knowledge: RDBMS development or administration (SQL Server references will be used in this talk for comparison).

Prerequisite: The class will be taught on Windows; students can use a Mac, but step-by-step instructions will differ slightly.

Level : Intermediate