Hands-on Google BigQuery and Google Predictive API Has code image
Lynn Langit
In this tutorial you will learn the what, why, how, when and where around two of Google’s cloud data offerings. Here you will learn about Google BigQuery and the Google Predictive API and why you might consider using either of these cloud services. You will learn how to write effective, performant and useful queries when using either of these services. You’ll also get to wire up the services via their exposed APIs. The course will be taught in Java.

The tutorials’s objectives include:
  • Understanding the capabilities (and limitations) of Google  BigQuery and the Google Predictive API
  • Writing and executing queries against BigQuery and the Predictive API
  • Understanding how to wire up the services into your application
  • Understanding costs involved in using these cloud services from Google

Prerequisite knowledge: RDBMS administration or development; data-mining experience is helpful but not required; you should know Java.

Prerequisite software: You must have a Gmail account to sign up for these services from Google.

Level : Intermediate