How to Connect to the Internet of Things Using Informatica
Boris Bulanov
The boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds have been erased, where every device is connected to the Internet, which many refer to as "The Internet of Things." This has the power to transform global industries by combining human insight with machine intelligence. Modern-day applications now depend on data originating from multiple sources, including application databases, social media, and machine data (e.g. sensor devices, log files, mobile, call detail records, etc.).  Discover how to integrate massive amounts of real-time machine data using Informatica so you can connect enterprise data to the "Internet of Things" and achieve your information potential.
In this class, you will learn:
  • About a reference architecture to process machine data
  • How to stream machine data into Hadoop
  • How to parse and integrate machine data with RDBMS data
  • How to combine and correlate real-time data with historical data
This class is sponsored by Informatica.

Level : Intermediate