Know Thy Customer: Enhancing Customer Experiences with Big Data Analytics
Robert Dayton
Competitive advantages are changing. The days of differentiating on product and competing on price alone are winding down. The new competitive advantage is to differentiate effectively on the customer experience. Customers today have higher expectations than they did just a few short years ago, and firms that want to be proactive in reaching out to customers must analyze a great deal more information than ever before. They must be able to listen to the ‘voice of the customer’ in real time when possible and then be able to make real-time decisions that take action.

The voice of the customer comes in different forms and ends up generating volumes of quantitative and qualitative data. Today, there may be real-time or near real-time availability in say three different systems, but they may not talk to each other. Thus, important customer signals are being missed in the ever-increasing amount of data. Gaining visibility and reducing complexities transcends merely applying technology in silos.
Attend this class to learn how you can head off situations with technology-enabled customer analytics to obtain a real-time view of the customer. Making real-time decisions requires an optimal blend of predictive analytics from multiple data sources. Learn key principles in moving beyond the data silos so that the overall ‘voice of the customer’ is heard.  
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Level : Overview