K Means Clustering Algorithm Using Hadoop in OpenStack
Deepak S. Mane
In today’s world, the growth rate of data is increasing tremendously. We need an efficient system to process a large of set of data accurately and quickly by using automation, dynamic resource management, and autoscaling features. We need an orchestration framework to build a system and process data in parallel ways. Current systems don’t have dynamic resource management and orchestration frameworks. This class will discuss building a Hadoop cluster framework in OpenStack with Savanna, as well as automation framework and implementation of K means clustering algorithms in parallel ways. You will learn:
  • How to build a dynamic Big Data cluster using OpenStack
  • How to build a private cloud using OpenStack
  • Integration of cloud platform with Big Data
  • Implementation of data-mining algorithms
  • Template-based deployment of Hadoop clusters
  • Performance benchmarking of Hadoop clusters
Level : Overview