Implementing Real-Time Analytics with Apache Storm
Brian Bulkowski
Companies are pushing to grow revenue by personalizing customer experiences in real time based what they care about, where they are, and what they are doing now. Hadoop systems provide valuable batch analytics, but applications also require a component that can analyze Web cookies, mobile device location, and other up-to-the-moment user data. Increasingly, Apache Storm is the component that developers are using.

This class will discuss the design considerations for using the Apache Storm distributed real-time computation system, as well as how to install and use it. Key topics will include:
  • A technical overview of Storm for real-time analysis of streaming data.
  • A solution architecture overview of how Storm’s role in real-time analysis complements Hadoop and NoSQL.
  • Examples of common use cases, including trending words, recommendations, and simple fraud counts
  • Technical requirements for implementing Storm
  • Live demonstrations of how to install and run Storm
Throughout the discussion, concepts will be illustrated by examples of businesses that have implemented real-time applications using Apache Storm.

For this advanced-level technical class, it is recommended that you have a fundamental understanding of Hadoop and NoSQL since it will provide a contextual baseline for how Storm complements these technologies in providing a 360-degree view of users.

Level : Advanced