Cascading Lingual Shows How SQL Can Save Your on-and-off Relationship with Hadoop
Alexis Roos
With Hadoop, life is complicated. It’s a give and take relationship where you constantly want to migrate workloads onto Hadoop for processing, but also want to get data off for reporting and analysis. These scenarios can be tricky and will often complicate your relationship with Hadoop; however, don’t worry - SQL is the therapy that will help.

SQL has been the critical centerpiece for describing data in the enterprise for nearly three decades. It speaks with relational databases and is the lifeblood of business intelligence (BI) tools. Lingual, an open-source extension to the Cascading application development framework, allows you to use familiar SQL to connect disparate data sources, whether on-premise or in the cloud, and leverage the Hadoop for data processing.

This class introduces Cascading Lingual, an open-source project that provides ANSI-compatible SQL, enabling fast and simple Big Data application development on Hadoop. Enterprises that have invested millions of dollars in BI tools, such as Pentaho, Jaspersoft and Cognos, and training can now access their data on Hadoop in a matter of hours, rather than weeks. By leveraging the broad platform support of the Cascading application framework, Cascading Lingual lowers the barrier to enterprise application development on Hadoop. You will learn how to:
  • Utilize Cascading and Lingual for Big Data app development
  • Integrate Hadoop with heterogeneous data sources via a single SQL statement
  • Quickly integrate BI tools to Hadoop
  • Migrate costly SQL workloads on to Hadoop
  • Create scalable applications with ANSI SQL
Come and see how Cascading Lingual can be used with various tools like R and desktop applications to drive improved execution on Big Data strategies by leveraging existing in-house resources, skills sets and product investments. Data analysts, scientists and developers can now easily work with data stored on Hadoop using their favorite BI tool.

Level : Advanced