NoSQL for SQL Professionals
Anil Kumar
With all of the buzz around Big Data and NoSQL (non-relational) database technology, what actually matters for today's SQL professional? Learn more in this tutorial about big data and NoSQL in the context of the SQL world, and get to what's truly important for data professionals today. In this session, you will learn:
  • The main characteristics of NoSQL databases
  • High-level architectural overviews of the most popular NoSQL databases
  • Differences between distributed NoSQL and relational databases
  • Use cases for NoSQL technologies, with real-world examples from organizations in-production today
Finally, we will drill down into a NoSQL document database and its underlying distributed architecture with a hands-on tour of how it works in a production environment, including online rebalancing while adding nodes to a cluster, indexing and querying and cross data center replication.

Level : Intermediate