Enterprise-Grade Security for Apache Hive
Prasad Mujumdar
Hive provides a flexible SQL-like interface to access data stored in the Hadoop platform and is increasingly used to process sensitive data. Securing access to such data becomes critical for users, especially for those that are required to comply with security regulations. While a secure system appears simple when it’s working, there are significant challenges involved in building one. This is especially true for a system such as Hive because of the flexibility and different deployment options it offers.

This class will cover enterprise-grade authentication and authorization for Apache Hive. We will discuss various Hive deployment options like HiveServer and Metastore, and ways to configuring security for these deployments. We will also cover in depth different authentication options like Kerberos and LDAP, message encryption, as well as cover fine grain using Apache Sentry, a new incubating Apache project that enables role-based multi-tenant authorization that includes out-of-the-box support for Hive.

Level : Intermediate