Building an Intelligent Real-Time Notification System That Scales
Ryan Betts
Building a scalable notification system requires at least three parts: a queue to receive and persist incoming events; a fast analytics and decisioning platform to process those events and generate real-time decisions; and a scalable notifications service to deliver the derived messages. Notification systems often come into play with event streams, which are a common way to handle data that arrives quickly and needs to be processed and acted on intelligently in real time.

The approach is to look at arriving data as a stream of events, to process those events in context, and to react to exceptional inputs with notifications or alerts. One example would be generating an in-game notification if your high score is eclipsed.

This class shows a simple and straightforward solution to this common problem using standard Big Data tooling. We will examine, assemble and demonstrate (with working code) a real-time notification application using open-source, NewSQL and AWS technologies.

Note: You will need basic knowledge of work queues, SQL, distributed applications and AWS.

Level : Advanced