Getting Started with Cassandra
Ben Coverston
Unless you have experience with Google BigTable, HBase or Cassandra, column-oriented databases are probably an enigma. Cassandra's data model is both simple and powerful.

It takes some time to get used to the differences between the relational model and Cassandra's column-based model.

Cassandra is not schema-less, but we do not model relationships in Cassandra either. Data Modeling in Cassandra usually consists of finding the best way to denormalize the data when you put the data in the database so that you can retrieve it quickly and efficiently. This workshop will prepare you for success when modeling your data. This tutorial will dive into Cassandra from a developer perspective and give you the tools you need to get started with Cassandra today.

This tutorial will cover:
    •    An introduction to Cassandra in the context of relational databases and non-relational alternatives.
    •    Best practices for modeling your data in Cassandra
    •    Cassandra Query Language (CQL version 3)
    •    Wide, and Composite Columns
    •    Practical Examples
    •    Anti-Patterns (things to avoid)

For a more advanced look at Cassandra, attend the "Apache Cassandra -- A Deep Dive" class.
Level : Overview