HP Vertica in the Big Data Ecosystem
Christopher Hecht
With the rapidly growing excitement for the Apache Hadoop and related open-source projects, the terms "Big Data" and Hadoop are becoming synonymous in the minds of many. The reality is that there are many technologies that fall under the heading of Big Data. Hadoop certainly is an important tool addressing the Big Data challenge, but it is not the only tool in the toolbox.

HP Vertica is designed to address the demands of the ever-growing quantity of data and the need to make sense of it, and is therefore a centerpiece in the Big Data toolbox. Both technologies address parts of the Big Data challenge and it's important to understand what each tool provides and how to effectively use them together. This class addresses the roles that Hadoop and Vertica jointly address as complementary technologies and how they connect together, and in the context of producing analytical results at the speed of business.

This class is sponsored by HP Vertica.

Level : Overview