Dive into Twitter's Observability Stack
Yann Ramin
Twitter's Observability stack collects, processes, monitors and visualizes over 170 million real-time time series from all service and system components. This class covers how the stack is built and scales to enable developers and reliability engineers to build fault-tolerant distributed services. In this class, you will learn what works and what doesn’t, from architecture to implementation, for both small and Twitter-scale monitoring systems.

We will cover the end-to -end architecture of the stack, starting from instrumenting services and applications, through the storage technologies for managing millions of time series, and finally to the analytic and monitoring tools enabling users to use data to build and maintain large-scale distributed systems. Lessons will be shared on how to make many classes of users happy, including developers and operations staff, in addition to lessons on how to build and scale monitoring stacks for your application, whether big or small.

Level : Intermediate