Implementing Real-time Analytics with Hadoop, NoSQL and Storm
Brian Bulkowski
From financial services to digital advertising, gaming and retail, companies are pushing to grow revenue by interacting with consumers in real time, based on a 360-degree picture of what they care about, where they are, and what they are doing now. For growing numbers of these businesses, this means developing applications that combine the historical analysis provided by Hadoop with real-time analysis through Storm and within NoSQL databases, themselves.
This class will examine the design considerations and development approaches for successfully delivering interactive applications based on real-time analysis using a combination of Hadoop, Storm and NoSQL. Key topics will include:
  • A quick review of the respective roles that Hadoop, Storm and NoSQL databases play in real-time analysis.
  • Considerations in choosing which technology to use in areas where their capabilities overlap.
  • Strategies for addressing the diverse data types required for providing a complete view of the customers.
  • Approaches to managing large data types to ensure reliable real-time responses.
Throughout the discussion, concepts will be illustrated by use cases of businesses that have implemented real-time applications using Hadoop, Storm and NoSQL, which are in production today.

For this advanced-level technical class, it is recommended that participants have a fundamental understanding of Hadoop, Storm and NoSQL.

Level : Advanced