Hadoop App Development Lab Has code image
Ryan Blue
In this half-day tutorial, you will learn the end-to-end architecture of a common data pipeline, as well as how to build a simple end-to-end Hadoop data app that you can adapt to your own use cases by using the Cloudera Development Kit (CDK), an open-source project that simplifies Hadoop application development. Hadoop concepts and components will be introduced along the way, and will be explained in the context of solving a concrete problem for the application.

You should be familiar with Java and common enterprise APIs like Servlets. No prior experience of Hadoop is necessary, although awareness of components in the Hadoop stack is a plus.

Note: This is a hands-on tutorial and a Unix-based laptop is required. Information for the VM will be sent out ahead of time so you can come prepared.

The instructor works for Cloudera.

Level : Intermediate