Engineering Your Approach to Big Data Solutions Has code image
Tony Shan
This tutorial introduces Big Data Engineering (BDE), which is defined as the practical application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the analysis, design, construction, operation and maintenance of Big Data solutions. BDE is a holistic method focusing on eight crucial areas: Methodology, Program, Governance, Resources, Quality, Risk Mitigation, KPI & Financials, and Practice.

BDE also systematically addresses the life cycle of Big Data solutioning in 12 stages: Plan, Requirement, Analysis, Modeling, Platform, Design, Development, Integration, Testing, Runtime, Deployment, and Operation. Each of these 12 stages comprises individual elements as subdisciplines. For example, the NoSQL platform options include key-value, column-based, document-oriented, graph, NewSQL and in-memory stores.

Case studies and working examples will be discussed in great detail in the tutorial to illustrate the pragmatic use of BDE in real-world implementations. Best practices and lessons learned are articulated as well.

Level : Intermediate