HBase Use Cases
Himanshu Vashishtha
The class will be an overview of the use cases for HBase. There will be an initial overview of HBase and its architecture, recapping key concepts such as column families, region servers and master. From this point, we will then move onto the use cases HBase is best suited to, such as high write loads with fast lookups, and the types of application that can be developed on HBase, such as Time Series Databases. We will also describe some of the use cases that HBase is not suited to, which helps avoid dissonance between technology choice and solution requirements. This includes discussion of why it isn't suitable for relational analytics or OLTP.

Finally, a recap of things to consider before embarking on an HBase implementation project, which includes design activities, deployment, tuning and administration considerations. You will leave with a good overview of HBase and its use cases. These will be useful for making informed investigations of technology selection, ensuring that if HBase is chosen, it will satisfy business and technical requirements.

Level : Intermediate