Data Modeling for Chat Messages with Cassandra Has code image
Ameet Chaubal
Cassandra excels at many aspects of database design, such as fast ingestion, replication and distributed architecture. However, there are some other features of databases and modeling at which Cassandra shines and lends itself to interesting use cases. This class will focus on some of these features, specifically automatic ordering and automatic grouping of related data elements.

In this hands-on class, we will explore using Cassandra for a chat-message storage/retrieval application. The class will set up a Cassandra instance in a VM, and demonstrate Schema design using Cassandra CLI and interaction with it using a Java client. You will gain an appreciation for Cassandra, its application design in Java, and its data-modeling intricacies.

Prior experience in Java will be helpful; however, even without it, watching the demonstration will allow you to gain from the exercises.

Please note: You will need a laptop with VMware, CentOS and Eclipse installed.

Level : Intermediate