Selecting the Right Big Data Tool for the Right Job, and Making It Work for You Has code image Has code image
Eddie Satterly
This class will focus on the various types of Big Data solutions—from open-source to commercial solutions—and the specific selection criteria and profiles of each. As in all technology areas, each solution has its own sweet spots and challenges either in CAP theorem, ACID compliance, performance or scalability. This class will provide an overview of the technical tradeoffs for the list of solutions in technical terminology. Once the technical tradeoffs are reviewed, we will review the cost and value of open-source solutions versus commercial software, and the trade-offs that folks must take to choose one over the other.

The next phase will go into great detail on use cases for specific solutions based on real-world experience. All of the specific use cases have been seen first-hand from our customers. The solutions will be reviewed to the level of specific technical architecture and deployment details. This is intended for a highly technical audience and will not provide any high-level material on the solutions discussed. It is assumed you have working knowledge of solutions such as SQL, NoSQL, distributed file systems and time-series indexes. You should also have an understanding of CAP theorem, ACID compliance and general performance characteristics of systems.

Level : Advanced