Windows Azure HDInsight and PowerPivot: Cloud-Based Data Analysis with Familiar and Friendly Tools Has code image
Dan Rosanova
This class will explore the features of Windows Azure HDInsight and Excel PowerPivot, a powerful combination of a cloud-based Big Data platform and an Excel front end that allows data scientists and analysts to explore semi-structured data in the familiar Excel tools that many are already experienced with. From provisioning and loading data, to structuring for Hive queries and connecting to with Excel’s ODBC driver for Hive, this session will be a hands-on walkthrough of leading Hadoop tools on the Windows platform. Also included will be data exploration using Excel tools, and particularly PowerPivot to visualize and explore data in a graphical Excel environment.

The cloud-based experience of Windows Azure HDInsight allows for a pay-as-you-go model for processing data on 100% Apache Hadoop-compatible clusters with zero configuration time. This class will be hands-on and require Excel 2013 and access to an HDInsight (or other Apache Hadoop compatible) installation (including HDInsight for Windows). Detailed software requirements will be sent with the presentation ahead of time, and you are expected to familiar with SQL, Hadoop and Excel. Active participation is strongly encouraged but not required, as is working in pairs.

Level : Advanced