Time + Space + Transaction: Multidimensional Geospatial Analysis with Hadoop Has code image
Dan Rosanova
Most organizations do a good job of reporting on the past, some do a good job of estimating the future, and few have a total understanding of their environment, customers, or business based on multidimensional analytics that account for time, space and transactions. This class will tie these three areas of analytics together to teach attendees how to use commonly available information and tools to achieve deep insights.

The arrival of Big Data blurs the boundaries between reporting, software development and analytics. This deeply technical class will walk through moving beyond the most common sources of transactional reporting and temporal analytics to include geospatial dimensions that can unlock the true potential of our data. By examining CRM (transactional), Web logs (temporal) and IP Geolocation (spatial), this deep-dive will walk developers and data scientists through a real example of identifying trends across transactions, time and space to discover deeper insights and actionable intelligence.  

From data procurement, transformation, loading and analysis, to display and interpretation, this class will teach attendees how to dig deeper into their data by reaching across paradigms and using machine-learning algorithms and rich presentation platforms to explore and visualize Big Data. 

Level : Advanced