Data Modeling and Relational Analysis in a NoSQL World Has code image Has code image
Michael Miller
The new wave of NoSQL technology is built to provide the flexibility and scalability required by agile Web, mobile and enterprise applications. Interestingly, any system that supports chained Map/Reduce processing (specifically Map/Reduce Map) fulfills the basic query requirements of a SQL engine. Therefore, we will work to help you bridge the gap between SQL, relational (big) data, and the brave new world of NoSQL.

In this class, you will learn how to model real-world relational data in a modern document database. We next go on to compile various SQL operations (SELECT, SUM, AVG, JOIN, etc.) into exceptionally simple Map/Reduce programs. We finish with a study demonstrating the performance, scalability and "time-to-value" benefits of this approach, specifically the pre-computation of materialized views. The class will be a mix of chalkboard and interactive demonstrations.

Prerequisites: Bring a laptop with a modern browser (Chrome, Safari or Firefox). Previous experience with basic scripting languages (e.g., JavaScript) is an advantage but not a requirement. All data and code samples will be provided at the beginning of the class.

Level : Advanced